Sunday, June 21, 2015

"How Badly do you want it..." and other points of motivation when living low carb

How badly do you WANT it?

"Is this one step closer to, or one step further from my goal?"

"A goal without a method is useless"

"Once you make the decision, the choice is easy"

These are post it note quotes that are on my desk shelf right in front of my face to remind me... everyday.

They help motivate me to continue on in my journey and aim for my GOAL WEIGHT number.

Once you make the decision, the choice is easy. That is a good one.

I have discussed this many times with a fellow follower. I do not know WHAT it was THIS TIME that actually made my mind up, but I decided, I think, out of desperation, of no longer wanting to be as big as I was, and really miserable with myself.

I was still not at a place where I was willing to accept that "this was it, and the way mid 40's was, and to give up".

I made the decision I was going to eat low carb, the science behind the Adkins and low carb KETOSIS would work for me too, and I just had to keep myself on the plan.

"A goal without a method is useless." This is a direct quote from my Oprah.

It is such a good quote. Do not bother to set a goal if you have no intentions and nothing to back up actually getting yourself there.

"Is this taking one step closer to, or one step further from my goal" I believe this to be from Zig Ziglar, the famous motivational speaker they played every day throughout my Middle School after the pledge of allegiance.

I think about this quote when I am tempted to eat something FAR off plan. I usually take a moment to smell the sweet, sugary cake / cookie / item, truly enjoy the smell, and then pass.

That is a big change from my previous mentality "oh this one bite (insert food / drink here) won't hurt. " or being worried about hurting the hostesses feelings by passing on their dessert.

If you are a low carb-er, and eat a ton of sugar or carbs, you will gain weight back. (FAST)

It comes down to "How badly do you want it?" How badly do I want to get to my next goal...
my actual goal weight?

I really, really, REALLY do, to prove to myself I can, stay accountable to myself and not let myself down, and celebrate that I alone did it. (!)

So... I continue to stay on plan, and eat and enjoy all my low carb options.

(And feel great by the way.)

How are YOU doing with your journey???

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