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There are many mentors, sites, blogs, links and other success stories that I have mentioned throughout my blog and will list here for easy access and reference.

1) It all started with the reading and RE Reading of The Idiot Proof Diet by India and Neris. These ladies studied up, wanted to make a change and created their best practices from multiple influences. They seemed like real women and made it doable, shared ups and downs, and were totally honest. The last time I read it, July of 2013, something, possibly desperation, clicked.

The other books that are guidelines and my go to for information and carb reference, ketosis knowledge and the science behind low carb lifestyle is The Adkins New Diet Revolution. I personally have the old version Dr Adkins' Diet Revolution, and multiple cookbooks that I reference often.

2) I love my Fit Bit! I bought it for myself in July of 2014 as an additional motivator and a one year celebration mark of staying on plan. It tracks my sleep, my steps, and can be a food journal, exercise journal, and water intake tracker. I even bought the rainbow pack, polka dot, leopard and floral to match up with my outfits. Get yours today ! Fitbit

3) Keto Strips- I could not have done as well without the confirmation I was "On Program". I used these every time I went to the loo. In the pink meant SOMETHING was happening, I was in ketosis and therefore burning fat off my body, and I was doing what I said I was going to do.

4) Pure Protein shake - this is my GO TO mindless everyday breakfast !

5) Tosca Reno - Tosca is an author, blogger, and late bloomer success story that inspired me through the women's fitness magazine, OXYGEN over a decade ago. She is a fitness competitor, cover girl,  and came into her own after the age of 40. The additional launch of Eat Clean Magazine, and EAT CLEAN diet  a multiple best selling book set, continue to teach and motivate me.

6) Gretchen Rubin- An Author, blogger, and the brainchild behind The Happiness Project . Her original Blog through her writing and discovery process can be found here. You can create your own Happiness project by clicking here. Her newest insight and challenge is Better than Before and I am working through that currently. I love these books, talk about an element of them all the time and are great for "Seekers" that are in a constant state of bettering themselves.

7) I love, Love, LOVE Pinterest. I created a "My Style" board and worked on restyling my wardrobe to dress myself better during the process of removing weight. A fake it till you make it attitude, but this small task really helped my self esteem almost immediately! I determined it wasn't that I didn't have pieces in my closet… I was just very tired of how I was putting the pieces together! Pinterest helped me revamp my current style and easily created a shopping list of items I wanted to then add into the mix.

8) I also have a fitchicafitness board on Pinterest. Follow my board, Fitchicafitness Pinterest Boardo see new and fun low carb recipes or motivational nudges !

Great Additional Reading: 




CURVES DIET - Cary Heavin and Carol Coleman

ADKINS DIET - Dr. Adkins


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