Grocery List

A Low Carb (on budget) List for the Grocery Store

Here is my regular monthly pick up list:

Roasted Chicken (day of shopping = easy peasy dinner)
Ground beef (10 % fat)
Pork Chops (no bone)
Beef Stew meat
Sirloins (4 in a pack for ~$20)
Tyson boneless / skinless chicken breasts
Sirloin Burgers ( freezer to Skillet)
Mesquite Chicken breasts
Premade Sam's Club Chicken salad
Frozen Broccoli
Frozen Mixed Vegetables
Sausage links
Turkey bacon
Green beans (case)
Shredded cheese - multi variety
Skinny Pop Popcorn (technically a grain, but 100 cal and lower than 10 carbs its a fast fix)
Snapple Half and Half Diet tea

Kids stuff:
Apples, Halo's & Bananas
Applesauce ( by the case and in cups)
Tyson nuggets/ patties / strips ( these are for the kids* I don't eat due to breading)
Hot dogs & Hot Dog buns( Kids lunch and snacks on the go)
Cod (I usually don't eat because of the breading)
Orange Juice

 NOTE: 5/30- Just shopped @ SAMS - $375 which included non food not every time pick up items like Cascade, Laundry soap, Toliet paper, paper towels, PAM and Seasonings, so total for food only was $325.

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