Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Low Carb vs Paleo... What is the difference?

Low carb, LCHF, Paleo, ... these are all "diets" or ways of eating that are popular discussion and trendy these days.

They also work.

As a society we are consuming POUNDS AND POUNDS of sugar, and sometimes without even realizing it as food manufacturers add it to everything!

Focusing on a Low carb lifestyle eliminates the sugar as you are only allowed 25g net carb a day, so you choose to pick wisely. (1 can of COKE CLASSIC has 39g of carb)

Low Carb is as described though out this blog, maintains a low glycemic index for a blood sugar level and keeping the intake around 25g to lose weight or 50g to maintain weight.

Adkins Diet is the main diet I have followed for close to 2 years.

I tend to focus on fish, chicken, pork and some red meat like steak. I *think* I am being fairly considerate of a lean protein approach. I easily consume 2-4 cups of vegetables, mainly green and leafy like salad broccoli, iced veggies, asparagus or the like.

Adkins had some naysayers throughout the years touting that eating all the eggs and bacon in the bacon grease could not be healthy for you. Common sense would point to you have to agree with this. BUT... the idea of FAT being a "bad" thing is a good note to take. Fat helps satiate you and keep you full longer and it takes longer to burn.

LCHF  LCHF ( Low Carb High Fat) . It is basically Low Carb, adding minimum carb ( even the green and leafy's) without paying any attention to the leanness of the protein intake. It gets the idea through that FAT is not a "bad" thing.

Paleo, is the idea of a caveman approach to eating. It too is low carb, but allows fruit, does NOT allow dairy, or any sugar or sweeteners. I love The Paleo Mom as a reference.

I also love the PRIMAL BLUEPRINT as and example of the long term Paleo approach and manageable lifetime eating style. It shows anything under 100g of carb a day is a "low carb" and weight management / fat burning way of eating.

I was introduced to the Primal Blue Print when I joined a "gym" where you do a heavy lifting weight session, for 20 minutes maxing out the heaviest you can lift, and your reps being timed at 10 count for lift AND 10 count for lower. It was brutal, but over in 20 minutes. GREAT way to kick start a routine with minimum time commitment but big results.

I still lift weights with that strategy in mind. (10 count UP and 10 count resisting back down.)

For both Paleo and Primal Blueprint, think if you were a caveman, you could go out hunting and gathering for fruit, berries, nuts, protein, but not create flour, sugar or the processed stuff.  Paleo also points to walking regulaury, getting sun 10 minutes a day, sprinting for small bouts and lifting heavy objects regularly is part of the Paleo lifestyle. It is very popular with the Cross Fit craze for leaning out athletes and providing muscle growth and fuel.

Whatever Low Carb approach you choose to best fit your lifestyle, you WILL see results!

Keep moving forward, progress over perfection.

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