Friday, June 5, 2015

What is a "net carb" and how to read nutrition labels to stay Low Carb

Net carbs...

WHa- What !?

How do you count your carbohydrate consumption and remain at 25 net carbs or below to be "In the Pink" and stay in ketosis - a fat burning state?

Read on.

This is an example of a nutrition label found on most food items.

You can also use your phone with many apps available like the Fitbit app, or Lose it! app. They can help you keep a food diary and really KNOW your number. (Otherwise your carb count really does add up and you will eat more than you realize!)

For the item above,  you can have 1/2 cup, and there are 26 carbs. 


This food label example just happens to be cotton candy. This is NOT on your low carb diet! LOL

Now, look at the label below. This is for raw broccoli.

You get 1 cup of broccoli  (serving size) for  6.04 g carb. That is great, but it gets even better! 
Subtract -2.37g fiber (and if there was insoluble fiber listed, you can subtract that too!)

So take 6.04g carbohydrate- 2.37g fiber = 3.67g total NET CARB toward your 25 g for the day.


Have 2 cups of broccoli, steamed, with butter, and garlic and enjoy! 

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