Thursday, June 4, 2015

Staying "In the Pink" and other basic Ketosis information and how to burn the fat off your body through Low Carb Living.

It is the best feeling when you are starting out on this program.

"Yahoo ! Im in the PINK!"

Usually within the first 24 - 48 hours of dropping the carb to <25 g net carb.

What does that mean?

If you purchased the Ketosis strips, each time you urinate, you use these strips to detect if ketones are being eliminated from your body.

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If ketones are detected in the elimination, the test strips will show a light (trace) to dark pink. That is additional confirmation you are keeping your carb intake low and therefore burning body fat! Even if the scale is not budging and even more reason to take your measurements NOW! You will see changes!


Let's break this down into easy to understand science terms.

Your body is a machine. You fuel it with food and water.

If you can manage your fuel to be high efficiency fuel by consuming good lean protein, nuts, and green leafy veggies (complex carbohydrates), you will get the best mileage out of your machine.

When doing basic daily tasks, burning the calories it takes to get up in the AM and move throughout your day, if your carbs are kept at a minimum, your "machine" turns to the stored fat stored in your body for fuel.

I know!

If you gas up with cereal (simple carbohydrates/ sugar), skim milk (sugar), a latte or cappuccino,  bread, bagels or muffins (sugar), your body has to burn off those calories first before it runs out of the simple carbs to burn fat. The REAL bummer, is if you are taking in more calories than you can burn, your body STORES the extra sugar and calories as body fat to use for later.

The reality is, if you eat like described above for breakfast, you're likely to eat a lunch with more bread, hidden sugars, a soda drink or sweet tea, and the cycle goes on and on along with the storing of more and more body fat !

When you start this program, the first few days can be rough getting through the cravings, or over the habit of grabbing the "thing" that pulls your blood sugar up fast.

BUT ! If you can get organized and have things ready to help get past that initial carb burn out, and fuel your machine properly, it WILL pass! If you are truly hungry, you can eat anything ON PLAN... nuts, mozzarella cheese stick, celery & salsa, protein shake, etc, or drink water. (Sometimes hunger is just boredom or actually a thirst trigger)

Keep this process going and soon, you too will be "In the PINK" and burning fat off your body!

Go to the tab and buy your testing strips!

Ready, set,  GO FOR IT!

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