Thursday, July 2, 2015

How long will it take to see results from Low Carb lifestyle ?

Readers have asked " EXACTLY How long did it take to get the # of lbs 's off?

After talking specifically to one of my readers who is having great success in her own right while on the program, but had some very specific questions, I went to my FITBIT tracker and found the chart that it keeps for my weight loss.

It is funny. 

I forgot the process! The feeling of desperation and need for instantaneous success. How I wanted all 75# gone, like yesterday. I had to really think through the time frame, and the ebb and flow of the actual dropped pounds determining my success. 

I am still striving for the last 12#'s to remove themselves from my body to make my "goal" weight. Can I get there? I really do not know.

I weigh myself every morning and then plug in the number WHEN IT GOES DOWN. This does not show the occasional gain then loss again that did occur throughout this journey. 

I enter it into the tracker over time as I reach a new "low" and celebrate.

If you've read the first posts from this blog, I REPEAT: I JUST FELT BETTER almost immediately while eating low carb and high protein. 

Click here to check out the immediate first 2-3 weeks, results and then first few months, and how fast things happened.

I was getting constant feedback through random compliments, someone noticing changes happening, clothes loosening, or the general pep in my step that kept me continuing on eating on program and staying IN THE PINK.

This is the FITBIT tracker line graph of my constant and continual weight loss. 

It has taken 22 months to lose and maintain the 68.5 pound weight loss, which averages out to 3.11 lb per month.

As I stated before, had I been on weight watchers or some other program, (all of which I have tried before sometime /multiple times),
and only lost 3.11 lbs per month, I would have quit for sure.

No doubt about that. Did that for years.

Weight Loss Graph
I totally focused on staying on program, staying IN THE PINK proving I was on program, and knocking out "decades, or getting down the next 10 lbs.

At first, I wanted to get into "One-der land" or back into the 100's.

Then there would be a hold. Loosen up the reins a bit, not be as strict, life getting in the way, or being unorganized, or just my body not letting go of the weight quite yet, but I was able to maintain. That alone was an improvement and accomplishment.

Plus, clothes were still loosening.

Right now, I am in the same pant size I was when I walked onto a college campus 25+ years ago weighing close to 30 lbs less than I do now. Explain that. (!?!)

Seriously, (!)  between birthing 2 babies, being 45 years old, and all the weight training I have done throughout those 25+ years, I have added muscle to my frame for sure and life has added weight to my body. I've earned it.

I believe the Low carb eating burns fat off the body, and although we have all heard the saying "muscle weighs more than fat"... the truth and more important fact is, "muscle takes up less space than fat". 

I am at the point where I can say it is more important to me that I get down into and maintain a small, single digit size of pants / jeans / dress, that in order for me to be in, I know I am at a smaller (personally considered "tiny") frame than I have been most of my life.

I want to be fit, with tone and tight muscles, and then stay that way.

That is now a bigger pay off and achieved goal than the actual number on the scale.

: )

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