Monday, January 9, 2017

Marching forward in 2017, Resolutions and Low Carb Living

Happy 2017 !

Are you up to your eyeballs in New Year's Resolutions? Are you finding success or pressure from your new goals?

I quit making Resolutions several years ago.

I was only letting my self down, not following through after a few days or weeks and then back to the same sadness of wondering why I couldn't get it together. It was only taking my self esteem lower and lower that I could not hold myself accountable.

I stopped that cycle a few years ago.

It was freeing.

For me, some of the biggest mental changes that ultimately brought me success in my #75 weight loss was the little steps.

Focusing on the little steps that will deliver me to the "finish line".

I quit thinking BIG PICTURE. No more this many #'s in this many days or by this deadline of event or vacation.



I instead literally would get up out of bed, blend my protein shake. (check)

Get myself to the lunch room and review my options prior to picking up the tray. Make a good, dense, multi veggie oriented salad, pick a protein providing me with a perfect LOW CARB LIFESTYLE lunch and drink water. (check)

Work in advance in making re heat options for protein  (chicken, fish, beef, pork) having them in the fridge and ready to go then have veggies easily available for a re heat. (check)

Aiming for under 20 net carbs and focus on protein at every meal.

Taking those little steps, 3 x a day... consistently, maintaining ketosis or very low net carb, over time, resulted in a Ssssllllllooooowwwww but total transformation.

Sometimes the scale would not budge for what seemed like weeks at a time, but my clothes were starting to hang on me, or people were noticing a change and comment. Inches were falling off me and I trudged on with my little march forward...

Taking the deadline and unrealistic expectations out of the mix, ended up being the freedom needed to follow through on my promise to myself, motivate me to continue, see the results I desperately wanted. It DID NOT happen in 6 weeks, 12 weeks, even the first year, but I WAS getting results, felt I could maintain the process and was actually enjoying the food and feeling satisfied with all the good, nutritious food options.

As I start 2017, and after by 38th year tearing it up on the ski slopes for 5-6 hours a day, I am always motivated to keep moving upon my return.

With the same philosophy of "baby steps", I am scheduling personal time for myself to kill two birds with one stone.

I am claiming an hour of ME time, and I am finding SOMETHING to do physically to fill that hour.

Since returning, I have done a 45 min spin class and weight routine, a Pilates reformer session, walk/ jog on the treddie, a full blown weight workout, and a combo leg/ hip reformer and upper body weight routine.

It feels so good to both be making my body stronger, making it toner and keeping the promise to myself.

Sunday ended up not being able to grab that hour. Life got in the way. It is OK. Not all lost.

Giving myself a day of rest, getting over the mess up, like falling "off program" and moving forward in the march.

Today, I am going to claim my hour.

Work my body, breathe and accept if I continue with these baby steps, I will be in better shape, better condition and love myself more for taking care of myself and promise. Ill be ready for a Spring Break trip in a swim suit!

Focusing on completing the JOURNEY not the end DESTINATION!

How will you put one foot in front of the other, march yourself forward?

... its not too late to start today.

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