Monday, January 8, 2018

2018... the year of the INSTA POT! Easy LOW CARB LIVING tools of the trade!

2018... the year of the INSTA POT! Easy LOW CARB LIVING tools of the trade!

A new year. New Beginnings and Resolutions. Promises and goals... The most important thing to remember is baby steps will get you there. Don't make big broad sweep statements of #lbs lost by certain date.

Instead, Set yourself up for success and join the LOW CARB lifestyle.

Make up your mind, and make the choices first thing in the AM to feed yourself, "breaking the fast" with protein and fuel for the day. I use a premixed chocolate protein shake. EAS Advantage or PureProtein. 25g protein and less than net 2 carbs.

You KNOW I then have my coffee. Black coffee, Pike Roast, Heavy Whipping Cream and Splenda. YUM.

I have drawer with snacks of nuts, a protein bar, in my office I need something mid morning.

Choose a big bowl of veggies, salad and dressings, add the avocado and cheeses! Meat and cheese roll too.

Have your dinners prepped and ready to go so there is no breaking point once you return home after a long day.

I have a fun new tool that helps with food prep. INSTAPOT. You can cook a frozen solid slab of beef with one cup of water to delicious tenderness in one hour. Between that, my crock pot, and steamed bags of veggies, dinner is ready for reheat as soon as we hit the door.

Today was the first day back to school, back to work.
I am full throttle back "in the pink" this afternoon.


The Holidays have a way of creeping weight back on through parties, cookies and "little bites of this and that." I am showing myself my strength by maintaining power over time. (basic physics)! If I do the right things, when I wake up and it's breakfast, then get to lunch, make the right choices until dinner, have my items ready to go, before you know it, I am onto the next day. 

That adds up and over time, there is weight loss. HOORAY!

It is a new year and therefore time to create a new standard, focus on new healthy habits, chant new mantra's. 

Making the task of staying on plan a little smaller, by having the food I need, prepping ahead of time, and making the choices a non issue, is very helpful for me.

When I am " IN THE PINK", I am burning fat for fuel. I feel better. I feel happy. I am losing or maintaining weight. 

How do you have meals ready and stay on plan?
What are your 2018 goals?
What is your current positive Mantra?

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