Thursday, April 14, 2016

33 months of Low Carb Living, and the lessons learned along the way...

33 months.... as in 2 and 3/4 years!

Things I've learned I would have never believed:

By living low carb, I feel full and satisfied.
Low carb living literally made me FEEL better within a few days.
Low carb has helped my skin and hair appearance
It just was NOT that hard once I made up my mind I was determined to change and lose weight.
I look forward to my meals. Especially my morning protein shakes!
I can live without sugar. (Cokes, cookies, rice and potatoes)
I enjoy smelling things I choose not to actually eat. (and it is not that hard to pass them over)
Things you remember being THE BEST, really do not taste as good as your mind remembers them.
(i.e.: McDonalds anything, rice, potatoes, garlic bread)
I can "cheat" a little here and there and still not be affected. No more crazy 5-7# swings on the scale.
I really love roasted broccoli with butter and garlic
Low carb living is yummy, flavorful, filling and full of options
I can fit into pants smaller than I wore in high school (!)
I can fit into my tall skinny little sisters formal she wore pre pregnancy (!!)
I really am happier and able to deal with a "whole lotta life" better being in control of myself.
My kids are eating better and more diversified meals because of my new habits and cooking skills

I am still committed to my Low Carb living. After spring break this year, I need to pull back the reins, get back on ketosis and finalize my goal weight, to prove to myself I CAN do it.

Working through my self imposed hurdles, making time to take care of myself, pack my own workout bag and make sure it gets in the car, make sure I get that workout IN, continue to make food and menu's to fill out the week and remain "on plan".

These are the ongoing baby steps of month 34....

Join me on the Journey.

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