Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Living Well is the Best Revenge and more enlightenment while maintaining a low carb lifestyle

Sometimes music speaks deep inside your soul. REM  - "Living well is the best Revenge" hit me between the eyes.

Feeling good about being in your own skin, having a little spring to your step, putting your best self out there both lifts your spirits and makes one "walk tall".

As a mom, like so many others, it is natural instinct to take care of others and we don't take the time to put ourselves at the "Top of the List". By choosing to even put yourself ON the list, if not at the TOP, you actually are doing an even better job of taking care of everyone else.

Especially as a mom of a little girl, it is so important to promote positive body image, physical fitness and strength through athleticism. Seeing mommy live in a positive authentic way, rather than hearing self loathing, witnessing constant dieting through self denial, or overall unhappiness with self, has to help a little person achieve similar approval and confidence.
  • You are teaching your children self respect. 
  • You are teaching your kiddos to eat clean through low carb living and fuel their bodies with nutritious and delicious food rather than mindless, carb loaded, sugar laden processed junk and leading by example. Do as I say, not as I do won't work.
  • You are embodying a positive role model for the kids to emulate
Especially when there is a lot going on in one's life, taking care of YOU first, will help everything else fall into line and proper perspective. 

Choosing to eat clean through Low Carb Living and make the best choices for fueling yourself, taking the time to dress nicely, do your hair, putting your best self forward, getting some exercise in multiple days a week, creates good vibes and positive energy within.

Join the Journey !

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