Friday, July 31, 2015

"Popping Tags" and other fun adventures while losing weight via Low Carb

"I'm gonna pop some tag's, only got $20 in my pocket"...

I needed to do some BACK TO SCHOOL shopping for myself. Like I discovered around Spring Break, and then again as I continue to wear things and good friends are kind enough to say...

" Girlie it is time to retire those shorts".

"What?!, they're some of my "skinny shorts"?!"

"They're way too big and falling off you"

Realization.... I am still trying to wear things that were in my "too tight to fit" previous body, and are now hanging on me, but they were my littlest size. So, I have them on thinking "YEAH, I'm back in my skinny size" when actually I've slimmed down beyond them.

It is amazing how that is hard to wrap your head around this phenomonon.

SOooooo.... off to Value World I go!

Value World is a resale shop, one step up from Goodwill, where I think they have done some of the label searching and pre screening for me.

Do you know how many brand new, original store tags still attached, or favorite mid to late 00's GAP jeans that fit your shape just perfectly you can find if you search the racks at a Goodwill???

If you know you can wear a certain pant, or label, you can usually find it at these stores.

Plus SOMETIMES they have a 50% off coupon and you can apply that to your $5 Talbot brand blazer jacket and get it for a mere $2.50.

I mean it is like they are paying me to shop people!

This is also an EXCELLENT way to update your wardrobe while in-between sizes, restyle yourself, while making outfits via PINTEREST and without spending a fortune.

When my mom or sister comment or ask "Where did you get that?" I respond, "My Boutique", which is code for the Goodwill or Value World.

I did accomplish a closet clean out of 2 full garbage bags which I gladly passing onto a fellow reader, low carb chica, and friend.

It feels good to gift her these items as she is working through her journey and personally downsizing her body.

It also lets me make an inventory list and determine what I need to replace or go our looking for new and fun things to add into the mix.

I got 6-7 new (3-4 sizes smaller mind you) jackets or blazers , 5 sweaters (cardigan, v neck, jacket like and a cute argyle), 3 pencil skirts in Red, charcoal grey and a black and white houdstooth, and 3 lapis necklaces for layering all for $72.00 or around $3.78 per item.

Happy hunting!

: )

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