Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back to school schedule changes, planning ahead, and more all while mastering low carb living

Summer's over.


Mentally and actually there is a shift in the pendulum as to the schedule, and therefore a new focus on the eating cycle to remain "on Program".

Feeling fairly good about this summer and how I was able to maintain staying "on program. Lost a few more lbs, broke through another "decade" and continued forward on my journey.

This accomplishment points out low carb really moving into a lifestyle choice rather than a "diet".

I've hit the 2 year mark this weekend and have removed  -70.2 lbs from my physique.

That alone is lofty accomplishment.

I was not perfect (progress, not perfection) and I did indulge occasionally, but that is in fact real life. I did not have huge gains due to the occasional treats so I took my own advise and moved on, fueling on good, nutritious, and low net carb foods.

I enjoyed some new additions like zucchini, squash, garlic and tomato combo, or baking the ham for ongoing lunch meat and dinner prep.

My sweet little one is a very interested future chef. I want to keep working with her in the kitchen and helping her create more healthy, low carb, heart healthy, and allergy free options for our family with multiple food issues.

Moving back into the school year schedule, I will get back to lunch room salad fixings, less spare time and needing to do more prepping for during the week dinners for ALL involved.

I continue on my journey still striving and aiming for these specific short term goals:

I want to start exercising more consistently and find an activity that motivates me to keep going back.
I want to add weight training into my schedule at least 3x per week
I want to lose10 more lbs. (lowest adult weight since 21 yrs old)

What are your 3 back to school goals for yourself?


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