Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hip hip HORRAY. Down more today ! Losing weight with low carb lifestyle...


I lost more weight as of today and am at a new low.


This continues to motivate me to stay on my journey, keep eating well and "clean" staying on program.

I am feeling fit and feisty, so at this point, happy to be inching closer to my goal weight, but not obsessed with the end number.

I have stayed "mostly" on plan this summer with more time with the kids, at the lake therefore not in charge of the food, so not as easy to maintain my routine.

I have tried to plan ahead with cooking an entire ham on the weekend, slicing it all up, and bagging it to freeze and use during the week for lunches.

I still do all the baked chicken pieces for dinner, and then we have leftovers the next day.

I use a Sam's club roasted chicken for a dinner and then pull it apart for chicken salad that lasts a few days.

I've "treated" and cheated with a summer beach stand ice cream cone. It was good too. : )

Excited to keep up the journey moving forward and see if I can continue to maintain or lose a little more.

*exercise* Exercise* EXERCISE*

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