Saturday, May 30, 2015

16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6.... Reality check during a shopping spree and 22 months of Low Carb Living.

Reality check.

I mean .... seriously.

I have been beyond happy now fitting into my smallest clothes again.

I am in all the jeans I've stored for years, some suits I've had sine '95-97 (hey, they're classic!)

But lately, even some of my things with stretch have been fitting loosely. I have been blissfully ignorant and happy I can fit back into everything. : ) Using Pinterest to work my wardrobe and stay stylish with the change of season.

So a good friend alerted me my smaller stuff was getting baggy and I needed to go try on some new clothes.

We hit Target and Macy's this AM, and I was totally overwhelmed to slide on, zip up and literally be in a size 6. I mean SPEECHLESS.

I walked onto my college campus this size, (interestingly enough, not his number for weight) and I am not sure I have been there (or at least very long) during my entire adulthood.

A size 6!


Like the swimsuit expedition earlier during Spring Break, something in your head still see's yourself at the same size, or convinces you that there has not been as big a change a there obviously has been.

Good job me. WOW. you totally did/ are doing it !

I did not end up buying anything new I tried on today. Figured we are headed into summer with more casual needs and lots of outdoor activities. Need to rid out, get organized and determine what I actually NEED to replace what I will be donating. Be strategic and invest in items I need and will continue to add to my new sassy style.

Plus, I immediately started thinking about how I need to tone up, lose a little more, tighten up, keep improving.


STOP. Take a moment to savor the success...

6 sizes smaller....


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